Strutt With Your Mutt

Sunday, September 15, 2019

2019 Strutt

Top: Moose battling severe skin issues; Bottom: Moose with his new family
Top: Moose battling severe skin issues; Bottom: Moose with his new family

Moose's Team

Thank you for visiting Moose's Strutt With Your Mutt 2019 team page and helping us share his story!

Wayside Staff and Volunteers are participating in the 29th Annual Strutt with your Mutt on Sunday, September 15 in Brookside, in support of Wayside Waifs. Wayside Waifs is Kansas City's largest and most comprehensive no-kill adoption campus. Wayside cares for over 6,200 abandoned, abused and homeless animals every year. 

This year, we've decided to highlight Moose's story! Meet Moose, a 4 yr old Labrador Retriever mix. Moose was found as a stray and brought to Wayside Waifs for care and shelter. He came to Wayside in bad shape, underweight, and needing severe medical attention for his skin. After undergoing his medical exam, it was determined that Moose had a skin bacterial infection which had led to full body hair loss. In addition to the hair loss, his skin became very thick and leathery. He also was treated for an ear infection. His infections are most likely the cause of being homeless as a stray for a while.

Moose was put on several medications to give him relief and start his healing process. He began regular medicated baths as part of his treatment. These baths were given by the loving veterinary staff and volunteers at Wayside.

Moose spent a majority of his time in foster care while he waited for his new family. He’s did extremely well in his foster home; he enjoyed playing with the other dogs in the home and sleeping on his dog bed. He also show signs of knowing commands – sit, down, shake, speak, high five, and drop it. Moose really shined in foster care. Despite the hardships he had faced in his young life, he is a sweet, loving, and playful dog.

Moose was cleared for adoption in July. He remained without most of his hair, but with time and continued good health, he may see his hair start to regrow. However, he will need lifelong medication to treat chronic skin allergies.

Moose was adopted in late July! Here is an update from his new family: 

"Moose is doing great! He gets along great with my son and has made himself right at home. He visited my vet and got his prescription refilled and seems to be doing great on it! I bought him a new doggie bed, but he prefers to sleep in bed with me! He’s so lovable! My son loves to rest his head on Moose. They are so sweet together."

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With your generous support to Strutt With Your Mutt, you are making a direct impact to the homeless animals at Wayside Waifs, giving them a second chance at finding a fur-ever home! We encourage you to strutt with us on September 15. 

Anything you are able to give makes a difference! Please consider making a donation to our team goal! We can't wait to strutt this fall! 

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