Strutt With Your Mutt

Sunday, September 15, 2019

2018 Strutt

Honey Neil, VP of Employee Morale/Very Good Girl
Honey Neil, VP of Employee Morale/Very Good Girl

M&C (Merrigan & Co.)

M&C is strutting with our mutts on September 16!

We’d bring our cats, but we value our limbs and eyes too much to do that. (Sorry, kitties) So, it’s Honey Neil representing for the canines and the company. She’s going to lead our team as we strutt through Brookside in support of all the animals who get a second chance thanks to Wayside Waifs.

A gift on our fundraising page is a gift to the animals at Wayside Waifs who rely on that wonderful place to get them into their forever homes. Please consider making a gift to help our furry pals and join us for a stroll if you can.

Wayside Waifs is Kansas City’s largest and most comprehensive no-kill adoption campus. Wayside cares for nearly 6,000 abandoned, abused and homeless animals every year. They also provide animal adoptions, animal rescues, foster care programs, humane education programs and more.

Come and meet Honey—and the rest of the M&C crew—this September. Honey will jump on you and lick your face. We’ll try to contain ourselves.

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